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Every minute, two people are stolen into the world's $150 billion slave industry, for labour and sex. Of the 120 human lives captured in the space of an hour: 80% will be women and 50% will be children.

In 1850 a slave cost $40,000. Today a life is valued at $120. 

Today, it is estimated that there are 45 million slaves worldwide, and in the last ten years, this industry alone, is reported to have grown from a $32 billion industry to a $150 billion human exploitation scheme. 

In 2013 I joined Hagar, an international Non-Government Organisation which, as well as funding research into trafficking in New Zealand, aims to support women and children who are survivors of severe human rights abuse.

Let's unpick the binds together

You may think that you are only one person, but if each individual person takes a stand, we will grow as a collective and make a difference together. 

As there is strength in stitches, there is strength in numbers. 


The dolls on this website are a form of protest.
However, they also come to represent the young women and children who have been taken from their families, and asked to do things no one should ever have to do.

You can help by donating money or buying a doll

Every cent goes to Hagar, and because of your generosity these young people will grow into independent adults who are able to contribute to their community and families.

Some of the dolls are stitched and darned just as the Hagar clients are being mended.

Cut the strings of exploitation

It takes only two minutes for four people to lose their basic human rights.

In just one minute you can help start to sever the ties that bind them there.